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Welcome To Great Mobile Homes of Indiana.
It is hard to believe how many different trailer designs and hideous combinations of add-ons and trash/junk/treasures one can collect on such a small piece of property. I'm not making fun of poor people, just pointing out how oblivious people are to their decor. Great Mobile Homes of Indiana was inspired by such sites as Great Mobile Homes of Mississippi, Missouri, Alabama, Pennsylvania and Why God Hates Mobile Homes. The site is meant to be humorous. If you are offended by poking fun at trailer trash then this site is not for you. For the rest, please enjoy the site and think about the dangers of getting these pictures. It is a bit of a corollary that trailer trash, weapons, and alcohol seem to be found together. When most people
think of Indiana, they think of the Indianapolis 500, the Pacers or Larry Bird. I want people to know some of Indiana's least known residents. Please click on the links on the lefthand border to see more.

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