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Back Home Again in Indiana

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Indiana's First Mobile Home
Little has changed over the years in
mobile home technology. Still there
is little protection from the elements
and difficult to heat and cool.
Accidents and Alcohol
This is what happens when you
forget to set the parking brake
on your monster truck.
Simulated Brick Finish
I'd like to see the marketing
rep who actually got manufactures
to produce this crap.
Storage and Garbage
Apparently the truck must be
broke down again, wouldn't want
to use the trash service or the
dumpsters, it might raise the
property value by 11 cents.
Water Front Property
These folks are living large in NapTown.
Roof Upgrade
This roof is getting a new look and ready for another season of tornados. That plastic will come in handy after the storm to cover what belongings are left after the next twister rips that roof off again.
The Add-On
Now this is taking add-ons to the next level.

And there's more!