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The Garage
This would be the garage add-on v1.1 that I was
speaking of earlier. This of course is
not for a car. The only thing one usually
puts in it is either large amounts of Pabst
Blue Ribbon or the velvet Elvis paintings.

Affordable Housing
Now there's a mortgage I could live with!
Working from the Home
At first I was rather suprised to
see the limo in this neighborhood
but then I saw the jack holding up
the passenger side and realized
that it belonged there for sure.
Home Sweet Trailer
This is the trailer park version of the neighborhood watch program.
5th Wheel Heaven
Look closely, a 5th wheel
travel trailer with wood
siding and prop-up porch
awnings. I hope they filed
a flight plan with the F.A.A.
before the next gust of wind.
A growing family
One draw back to a mobile home is the lack of living space and storage. But this is easily solved with the Sim-Trailer approach. Just park a storage shed, old trailer or camper next to the main quarters and attach with a few screws and 48 gallons of silicone caulk and you are done. Just punch a hole in the wall and pesto, a NASCAR shrine, a kids bedroom or an empty beer bottle collection museum.
I guess this old sap had some trouble
with the generation X crowd driving
through his manicured lawn.
I almost couldn't believe it when
I pulled up to this place. Someone
went to the trouble of building
a porch around a tree. The tree
comes right out of the roof! WTF?
The underlayment of the bathroom
took some serious stress. The toilet
nearly went through the floor
from the weight of the 350+
tenant. At first I thought this
was for public use.
David Koresh ready
I stained my BVDs when I saw this
place. What's with the speakers.
Does he talk to his People with them
or just call the Rotts back?
Just Say No to Trailer Life
This porch provides passive
security for its occupants.
ATF is not going to sneak up
on you during the next drug
and weapons raid if they have
to try and stand on that porch.
Noah's Ark
I hope he get's a discount on his
home-owners insurance under the
flood clause. I do like the fact
that the boat matches the trailer.
Welcome to the Jungle
Now this is great usage of the
surrounding foliage to help keep
the trailer cool in the summer.
It also doubles for cover during
the shootouts with the local Sheriff.
Very Professional
This add-ons looks very nice. They just doubled the value of their home.

Yes, there is more.