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Back Home Again in Indiana

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The Egyptian Pyramids of the Trailer Park
Every civilization of the past has left tell-tale signs of their existence. For the trailer people it would have to be the tires.
Divorce 101
This is where you'll be living if you cheat on Betty-Sue.
No Smoking
This guy is Y3K ready with the size of these tanks.
Save the Earth--------Recycle
What a better way to solve the lack of storage problem and unsafe handrail than by reusing your kitchen cabinets for both!
FDR Fireside Chats
Is this where Jerry Springer scouts out his future guests?
A fan of the site sent this to me. This has more room inside of it than some trailers I've seen.
No Parking Zone
Bubba forgot to use metal tiedown straps and now look at the mess.

It's Spring! Twisters are just waiting to do hundreds of dollars in damage.