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Western Indiana Tour


Many have written claiming the rural areas of Western Indiana would be a worthy of trip.

The "Trouse"---trailer-house combo
I guess they couldn't get the extra hundred dollars to finish the project.

This is for real
This picture is not a setup! I almost hit a parked car from the tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

Duct Tape Patching

Yard Sale or County Dump?
Neither, just a collection of stuff he's going to use after WWIII.

Scenic Indiana
This land is zoned trailer-park!

Van Down By the River
This guy is really set. Look closely, he
has water, sewer, natural gas, phone and
electricity! He's living better than Fat Johnny.

Skirting the Skirting Requirement
Why spend 35 dollars on metal skirting
when you can spend 400 dollars on